Who we are

Nergal Consulting is a consulting company created by a group of professionals broadly experienced in ICT management experience in large companies. We deal with design of complex architectures, innovation projects and technological development of advanced solutions.

Nergal Consulting supports companies in the most important challenges: ICT architecture evolution, advanced projects, systems and data migration. Nergal Consulting provides clients with a goal-oriented consultancy, with a full sharing of results.


Nergal Consulting was founded in 2008 as a Management Consulting spin-off of Nergal, a company specialised in advanced application software development and in embedded technologies.

Nergal Consulting supported important initiatives taken by several large customers, as Enel, Telecom Italia, H3G, Wind, Alitalia, Sogei, Formez, ...
Nergal Consulting is a companies incubator, including Enevol - renewable energies and energy saving partecipated company - Omnivol, Agrivol, BigData Governance, etc ...

Nergal Consulting is also extremely active in the research and innovation. It carried out and is carrying out some projects in collaboration with established partners.



Renato Marega – CEO - 

He gained wide experience in ICT sector with a focus on ICT architectures, strategies and technological innovation. He covered senior management positions in large companies, including Enel, Telecom Italy, ANSA agency, Digital Equipment.



Fabio Pasquazi – Managing Partner -

He acquired extensive experience in marketing and sales, business study and analysis and process outsourcing. He covered relevant positions in Ericsson (Vice President of Marketing and Solutions Departement). He was responsible for P &L of many telecommunications operators (Wind, H3G, TIM) and large corporates (Mediaset Group, Poste Italiane, RAI) . He was also responsible for the outsourcing contract with H3G in Ericsson.







Associated partners are skilled and qualified professionals that Nergal Consulting offers to its customers. They are managers with many years of proven experience in large multinational companies.

Marilena Concetti - Senior Project Leader on quality and safety projects (Tim, Telecom Italy, HP).

Paolo Fedi - Management Consulting (Sema Group, HP Italy, AT&T, Digital Equipment).

Maurizio Mayer  - complex ICT projects management and marketing services (Digital Equipment and Systems Sirti). He is currently the President of the Italian Association of ICT.

Stefano Maria Trisolini - Information Systems Strategy and management of enterprise data (Angelini-Lines, ANIC-ENI, SIP-Telecom Italy).

Michele Graiff - Senior Consultant on telecommunications (Marconi, Ericsson).

Maurizio Corsi - ICT Manager (Telecom Italia).




We believe the ability to make companies and partners work together and to share goals represents an important competitive feature. It provides customers with highest quality answers, required by large enterprises and keeps the typical SMEs flexibility.
Our "mission" is then to provide business consulting services allowing customers to significantly increase their business opportunities.



Enthusiasm for what we do and tenacity in achieving goals

Excellence on results with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality

Excellence of human resources, becoming partners in compliance of how we think of business relationship

Architectural and technological skill, allowing us to face and fix the most difficult challenges

Creativity and Innovation as distinctive features of our company

Commitment to customer success, always the target of our projects



Being considered a reliable partner interested in customers success

Ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and the key issues of time and quality

Carrying out new challenging innovation projects

Offering all the skills required for customised “turnkey” solutions

Building a reliable partnerships network to reinforce our added value


Research projects

UE, Repubblica Italiana, Regione Lazio, POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020

Project within Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility initiative - POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020 “Intelligent Management System of Parking Areas in Open Spaces without using Sensors" in collaboration with the CNIT, Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications.

Contribution granted: 304.637,18 €.

The project aims to make it easy to look for parking spots, their use as well as the logistics management (goods loading and unloading). GIPASS provides for a central parking management system and an application on a touch screen graphic interface for territorial supervision and support for operational decisions. Dedicated APPs in augmented reality are provided to users (private car drivers or hauliers) and vigilantes to search and book a parking space, report violations, etc

Intelligent Management System of Parking Areas in Open Spaces without using Sensors


Innovation project within Research&Innovation 2016 initiative from Lombardia Region and Chambers of Commerce.

SEM is an advanced decision maker support system based on “touch screen” graphic interfaces. SEM aims to command and control vehicles moving on the territory in case of emergency.The application provides human operator for an overview on multilayer map to show what is happening and makes it easier to decide and intervene from a control room. Emergencies are displayed on the map in real-time via App provided to citizens.

For more information:  click here (link to the PDF attachment).


Smart Emergency Management


Innovation project within Value Added Lazio (VAL) initiative. It involves 8 highly specialised companies grouped together. Nergal Consulting is the coordinator for the group.

SMART 3 comes from the need to pool and integrate different "concepts" developed in the Energy, Operation and Costumers Services fields. It results into a system whose target is to improve the operation and service quality of large companies. The project aims to those companies managing complex networks (Complexes Operators) of small spreaded out users (Local Sites).

For more information:  click here (link to the PDF attachment).


Smart 3
Smart Management

Smart 3

Coresearch project AMACO (Automation MAchines COoperating safely outdoor) in collaboration with NEAT and XTrust. A control software system was developed to make automatic machines cooperate within agricultural field or large building sites.
A prototype was created and tested to work on Agrivol, an innovative agricoltural machine using funicular traction currently being developed.

Automation MAchines COoperating

Micro-innovation project dealing with an innovative service center for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
The application offers different functions: buying, administrative management and management control.

The "Service Center" started being tested in 2014.
It is already successfully used by our partners.

NERP 2.0
Smart Business Control

NERP 2.0


We serve our customers in complex technological projects with high impacts on organisation, processes and architectures:

  • We carry out "turnkey" complex projects (design, PM, suppliers management, budget management)
  • We support large companies in technological innovation projects or process projects (make-or-bye, PM, system integration)
  • We tackle problems involving processes, technologies and complex architectures
  • We are specialised in consultancy services for start-up projects, M & A, technology transfer
  • We provide engineering services, professional services and we develop innovative platforms


Innovation is the distinctive feature of our projects.
Customers appreciate our skill to deal professionally with new subjects, as the definition of new processes and ways of working and the introduction of new technologies.

Some of our most successful projects are listed below:











Technological solutions are the result of collaborations established over time with professionals or with innovative start-up.

Specialised products are part of our proposal for system integration:

iGovernance SUITE (iGS) – complete solution for governing the complex chain of processes, databases, technologies, metadata and management procedures within companies.

RADIFLOW – leading cyber security solution for critical infrastructure networks (i.e. SCADA), such as power utilities, oil & gas, water and others. The security tool-set validates the behavior of both M2M applications and H2M (Human to Machine) sessions in distributed operational networks. The solution is available both as in-line gateways for remote sites and as a non-intrusive IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that can be deployed per site or centrally.

Smart 1


Nergal Consulting is a partner of leading companies in different business fields. We believe the quality of the relationship with our customers is at the basis of our business reason. We ensure our customers competences, professionalism, attention to their needs.
Customer success comes first of our success:

  • we believe that a company success lies in the ability to maintain long-term relationships
  • only providing a true added value makes it possible to maintain a direct relationship with large companies.



Nergal Consulting works together with leading partners in highly innovative sectors. 

We are able to tackle complex projects by putting together unique expertises.

Our partners are experts in 'mission critical' systems, video analysis, video compression, renewable energies, umbedded computing, supervision and control systems, ...

Our collaboration covers end-customer projects and research projects.




Competence: our partners are highly competent at management (multinational business, technology and innovation, design, finance, project management, optimization).

Presence on the market: extensive experience, large highly qualified customers.
Experience and concreteness: experience from significant projects implementation.
Research and Development: research of innovative and technologically advanced solutions.
Partnership: agreements with suppliers of highly innovative solutions and with skilled professionals.

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