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IT Innovation

- Smart Dashboard: powerful platform for the development of applications on touch screen interfaces. Its aim is to control operational situations on graphic maps reproducing the real environment. Successful project:
Alitalia's CAMS project for the control of ground traffic management
- Smart Metering: innovative system to measure and analyse the electrical consumption of individual household appliances by taking into account the installed photovoltaic system. Demo
- ATOP (Adaptative Team Operating Problem): system to optimise the paths of a team of operators moving on the territory (eg transporters). The algorithm calculates the optimal routes and adapts to the changed traffic conditions. Demo

Security & Compliance

Nergal Consulting supports customers to meet the requirements by offering some targeted services:
- Consulting, vulnerability assessment and support in the performance of the DPIA (Data Protection Impact Analysis)
- Design of new operational processes and support for the transformation of information systems.
- Taking charge of the role of DPO (Data Protection Officer) in outsourcing.
- Training aimed at managing the personal data processing and data protection.

Industry 4.0

The Spike solution comes directly from Smart3 innovation project and an agreement with the company XFIRE.
The ambition is to offer the market an extremely advanced system for the supervision of large technological systems.
The innovation stems from the idea of using the 3D design phase of technological systems at the service of a modern maintenance process.
Through the Iconics system we are able to program data acquisition directly from the plants, using different protocols, and to make them easily usable in 3D to the supervision system.


We make innovation the distinctive element of our projects. Customers know us and appreciate us for our ability to deal professionally with new issues. The definition of new processes and working methods, the introduction of new technologies are the projects where we can best express our capabilities,
Here are some of our most successful projects: 
Alitalia - Fast Boarding 
Abertis Telecom - Progetto Eiffel
Formez - Servizio Linea Amica  
Telecom Italia - Device Identity Management
H3G - Monitoring QoS Portale Mobile 
Enel - Certificazione e bonifica dati

Innovation projects

Nergal Consulting is active in Research & Development. Our projects are financed mainly by the European Regional Development Fund and related regional calls. Companies that have an innovative idea but can not bring it forward find their ideal partner in Nergal Consulting. We identify tenders suitable for developing the business idea, we apply for funding and collaborate to the project development by sharing risks.


Project financed by the Lazio Region in the field of Industry 4.0 (call for proposals "Sustainable and smart mobility" POR ERDF 2014-2020). It consists in the development of an innovative and sustainable solution for the intelligent management of outdoor car parks. The goal is to improve the daily experience of drivers and transporters looking for parking spaces or available unloading areas, with a positive effect on local traffic. GI-PASS, in contrast to other "smart parking" solutions, does not provide for the installation of sensors, video cameras or other technological devices on the road. The activation costs are therefore extremely low.
Grant achieved: € 304,637.18


Innovation project funded by the Lombardy Region and the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce Call for proposals "Research and Innovation 2016".
Smart Emergency Management is an advanced decision support system based on touch screen graphic interfaces to command and control vehicles moving on the territory in an emergency. The application provides the human operator with a holistic view of reality on a multilayer map to quickly and simply decide from the control room how to intervene. The emergencies are reported by citizens in real-time on the map via the "First Aid" App.

Smart 3

Innovation project financed by the Lazio Region (Call "InsiemeXVincere" POR FESR 2007-2013). The objective is to provide a "smart" tool to improve the operation and quality of networks with many small users spreaded out on the territory (eg BTS Mobile Operators) or of extremely complex plants (eg hospitals, subways, campuses). It is an advanced system to analyse and monitoring data on the correct functioning and consumption of the plants. It collects data with open protocols by connecting directly to devices or sensors. Advanced graphic interfaces provide the operator with an immediate idea of the situation, leading him on the operations to be carried out.


Innovation project in the "Coresearch Projects R & D - POR ERDF Lazio 2007-2013" Call in collaboration with NEAT and XTrust
AMACO is a command and control system for cooperating machines that have to move completely automatically within agricultural fields or large construction sites.
A first prototype solution was created and tested for worktops designed for the Agrivol machine, an innovative funicular agricoltural system still under development.
Small robots equipped with cameras and sensors were used.
Demo (video)


Agrivol is a startup carrying out a new idea of a funicular farming machine. We have identified funds in the Lazio Region, Invitalia and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to develop the idea-project. We have worked and are still working to show the feasibility of this revolutionary machine totally soil respectful to achieve an authentically organic agriculture.
The Agrivol machine avoids the passage of the machines on the ground, doesn't use fossil fuels but only electric power, improves the permeability of the ground and it's totally automated.

Smart Shop

Smart Shop is a project funded by the Lombardy Region in the context of the POR FESR 2014-2020 call "Smart Fashion and Design". It is currently being implemented by an RTI formed by the companies ADEO, Zero Division and SCAI Connect.
Smart Shop provides for the creation of an intelligent system presenting Design products using "Augmented Reality" and "Virtual Reality" systems. New video cameras and "video analysis" techniques are being experimented to recognise people moving in crowded environments (a shop) with a good degree of approximation.


MARA (Maintenance in Augmented Reality) is a project funded by the Lazio Region within the POR FESR 2014-2020 call "Sustainable and intelligent mobility".
It is a technological platform to make solutions implementation easier: it's based on "Augmented Reality" and supports the repair of vehicles involved in transport (public / private, freight / passenger).
The concrete and specific objectives are the availability of a development platform that make it easy the implementation of advanced solutions. It supports the operational maintenance processes by using "Augmented Reality".

Internationalisation projects

Nergal Consulting supports companies in its partnership network in internationalization projects funded by the Lazio Region.
Cloe Project
It is carried out in partnership by Progetech and EB Medical. It deals with top sectors (home-care, well-being and beauty) and its goal is in particular to penetrate the German market.
"3D-Eyes on Italy" Project
It is carried out in partnership by Eyes and Adeo. It exports seminars on Italian language and culture, by combining the use of "Virtual Reality" and "Augmented Reality" in its contents.

Who we are

Nergal Consulting is a consulting company created by a group of professionals broadly experienced in ICT management experience in large companies. We deal with design of complex architectures, innovation projects and technological development of advanced solutions.


Nergal Consulting was founded in 2008 as a spin-off of Management Consulting of Nergal, a company specialized in advanced application software development and embedded technologies.
He has supported numerous key customers such as Enel, Telecom Italia, H3G, Wind, Alitalia, Sogei, Formez, etc. She is extremely active in the world of research and innovation where it carries out several projects in collaboration with a consolidated partners network.


The ability to network companies, to make them cooperate for a common goal, is a competitive element of extraordinary importance.
Provide customers with excellent quality answers, required by large companies, while maintaining flexibility elements typical of SMEs.
In this context, our corporate "mission" is to provide consulting services that can allow customers to significantly increase their business opportunities.


- Being considered a reliable partner interested in customers success
- Ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and the key issues of time and quality
- Carrying out new challenging innovation projects
- Offering all the skills required for customised “turnkey” solutions
- Building a reliable partnerships network to reinforce our added value


Nergal Consulting collaborates as a partner of several large companies, leaders in different business fields. We make our main business reason the quality of our customer relationship. We provide customers with expertise, professionalism and attention to their needs. The client success comes before our own success. Being considered on the market depends on the company's ability to maintain long-lasting relationships and provide real added value.


- Enthusiasm for what we do and tenacity in achieving goals
- Excellence on results with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality
- Excellence of human resources, becoming partners in compliance of how we think of business relationship
- Architectural and technological skill, allowing us to face and fix the most difficult challenges
- Creativity and Innovation as distinctive features of our company
- Commitment to customer success, always the target of our projects.


Fabio Pasquazi - CEO
He has extensive experience in marketing, business study and analysis and process outsourcing. He has held positions of reference in Ericsson (Vice President of Marketing and Solutions for VP Customer, responsible for the outsourcing contract of the H3G network).
Renato Marega - Managing partner
He gained considerable experience in ICT with particularfocus on architecture, strategies and technological innovation. He has held senior managerial positions in large companies (Enel, Telecom Italia, ANSA Agency, Digital Equipment).

Associate partners

In addition to the experience of the Founding Members of the group, Nergal Consulting can make use of its Associated Partners, professionals with high management experience. The Associated Partners are our added value: their direct participation in the company allows growth, by sharing objectives and obtaining consolidated results.
There are managers with many years of proven experience in the field of large multinational companies. They provide their expertise and professionalism for our clients (Marilena Concetti, Paolo Fedi, Maurizio Mayer, Roberto Marega, Michele Graiff, Maurizio Corsi).


- We set the benchmark of our customers for innovation projects
- We support the implementation of complex "turnkey" projects
- We have a wide range of information security issues
- We offer technologically advanced solutions resulting from our research projects
- We collaborate with an extremely valid partner network on the topics of Industry 4.0